LEGISTLATIVE NEWS: The House and Senate passed the America Competes Act; President Signs It Into Law

As of the August congressional recess, Congress is poised to add billions of dollars to proposed budgets for the federal investment in research and development (R&D) for fiscal year (FY) 2008... more» more» more»

REPORT: A National Action Plan for Addressing the Critical Needs of the U.S. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education System

The National Science Board proposed on Wednesday a "national action plan" intended to spur major improvements in the teaching of science and mathematics at all educational levels but especially elementary and secondary schools... report» article»

ARTICLE: The Scientific Research Potential of Virtual Worlds

Online virtual worlds have great potential as sites for research in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences, as well as in human-centered computer science... more»

ARTICLE: 10 Practical Uses For Psychological Research in Everyday Life

Here's a top 10 list of what you can learn practically from psychological research... more»

BOOK SERIES: Acting with Technology

Books published in this new series are concerned with the study of meaningful human activity as it is mediated by tools and technologies. The series will explore developments in postcognitivist theory and practice concerning technology from the fields of sociology, communication, education, and organizational studies, as well as from science and technology studies, human-computer interaction and computer-supported collaborative work... more»

ARTICLE: Baby Einsteins: Not So Smart After All

Mounting evidence suggests that passive screen sucking not only doesn't help children learn, but could also set back their development...more»